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A virtual production with WRP Connect

By Tohmas Dekker, John Ford, and William Rowley

In a version adapted by August Scarpelli

An unsettling tale of witchcraft, betrayal, and murder in a small town. Persecuted by her neighbors, Elizabeth Sawyer turns to the devil – who appears in the form of a black dog – for consolation and revenge. Once unleashed, the canine makes his own forays into the lives of the citizens of Edmonton.

We are looking for a diverse group of actors to place this story in our present day and use the lens of our current social circumstances.

Virtual auditions will be held via Zoom on  Wednesday 9/30/2020, Thursday 10/01/2020, and Friday 10/02/2020, from 7pm-10pm. 

Email for a 20 minute audition slot. When you have secured a slot you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting.

Please prepare one approximately 90-second speech from the English early modern canon (Shakespeare or one of his contemporaries, i.e. plays from about 1580-1642)

If you are not able to attend one of the above audition times, pre-recorded auditions will be accepted to no later than Saturday, 10/03/2020 @ 10pm. 

Production Schedule: We will be rehearsing and recording scenes over the first three weeks of the month of October 7pm-10pm, including weekdays and potentially weekend afternoons, depending on the actor’s availability. This will be a fairly minimal time commitment. Actors in the largest number of scenes will be asked to rehearse and record on approximately 8-12 occasions maximum.

Available roles:

Elizabeth Sawyer, The witch

Dog, a “familiar”

Old Thorney

Frank, Thorney’s son

Winifred, Frank’s wife

Sir Arthur Clarirington, Master to Frank and Winifred

Old Carter, a wealthy yeoman

Susan, Carter’s daughter (Frank’s other wife)

Katherine, Carter’s daughter

Warbeck, Suitor to Susan

Somerton, Suitor to Katherine

Old Banks, a countryman

Cuddy Banks, his son

Old Ratcliffe, a countryman

Anne, his wife


Countrymen and Morris Dancers

Production requirements: A free Zoom account, a stable wifi connection, a clean and quiet room to record in, a microphone that picks up speech cleanly, and the ability to have at least one isolated light source that you are able to control.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the play or project, please email

WRP Connect Presents AS YOU LIKE IT


Ready for a change of pace as autumn looms around the corner?

Join us for our virtual production of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” directed by Chris Bizub! This fun summer show features the outstanding cast seen above, and is all about the twists and turns of love in the forest.

Come for the performance, stay for the wrestling, cross-dressing, love rectangles, and more!

Act 1 will be posted Monday, September 7th, on our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. We’ll post an act a day, all next week! Don’t wanna miss it? Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to get all our videos on your homepage! Check us out here:


Special thanks to all our actors who gave their time and energy for this production! We had a lot of fun making it, and we hope our audiences have just as much fun watching! Edited by Hannah Hilty.


WRP Connect Presents KING LEAR

All Five Acts of KING LEAR Are Available to View

Looking for a short series to binge, or new film to check out? We’ve got the perfect series for you!

All five acts of our WRP Connect performance of KING LEAR are available on our YouTube Channel! We’re so proud of this cast and would love to share their work with you!

Click the link below to be taken to a playlist that includes an introduction to KING LEAR by August Scarpelli, and the five acts of the play.

KING LEAR was directed by August Scarpelli (Education Director) and edited by Hannah Hilty (WRP Connect Coordinator).

Click Here to Watch!

This play is by far the largest project done by WRP Connect so far, so we really hope you have fun with the story, this amazing cast, and the new style of editing! If you’ve enjoyed our production, please consider donating to WRP so that we can continue to bring you new content!

And stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing our next project soon…

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