“The Witch of Edmonton” by William Rowley, Thomas Dekker, and John Ford

An unsettling tale of witchcraft, betrayal, and murder in a small town. Persecuted by her neighbors, Elizabeth Sawyer turns to the devil – who appears in the form of a black dog – for consolation and revenge. Once unleashed, the canine makes his own forays into the lives of the citizens of Edmonton.

In this Elizabethan dark comedy, our WRP Connect Players brought to life this true story of a witch-hunt on October 29th, 2020. Our all-female cast live-streamed this show directly to Facebook, complete with spooky lighting, candles, and ambience in every camera.

Directed and Adapted by August Scarpelli

Originally live-streamed on October 29th, 2020 at 7:30pm

Callie Sour

Frank Thorney

Callie Sour is thankful and excited for her first project...

Erin Moore

Sir Arthur/Katherine

Erin Moore is thrilled to be making her WRP debut....

Hannah Hilty


Hannah Hilty is ready to be back onstage (or, onscreen)...

Jenny Hoppes

Cuddy Banks

Jenny Hoppes is excited to make her WRP debut in...

Julia Cooke


Julia Cooke is excited to be in her first performance...

Kate Dwyer

Old Carter

Kate Dwyer is delighted to be making her virtual debut...

August Scarpelli


August Scarpelli is looking forward to returning to the (virtual) stage...

This virtual show is free.