Five Good Reasons to Support WRP


What makes WRP stand out from other theatres? It’s hard to explain. Imagine you’ve just driven to WRP, the gravel crunching under your shoes as you enter. It could be during the summer with our AC, or during the winter with heat; either way, walking inside is a relief. You hear charming preshow music and excited patrons chattering in the other room as our box office manager greets you. They remember you from last time, or welcome you if this is your first time. You enter the theatre area and, while looking at the intricately built set, the excitement and anticipation from patrons, cast, and crew are evident. As you recline in one of our cozy red chairs, perhaps a snack from the concessions or a unique cocktail themed by the show are in your hands. After perusing the program, the lights dim, the music swells, and the show begins. The crowd hushes around you, and suddenly, you, the audience, cast, and crew are in the community of the performance.

This is the beauty of WRP.


1. This is where talent is nurtured. Art is necessary, and it’s our job as storytellers to bring theatre to life. If you’ve seen the Broadway recording of Hamilton, visited Playhouse Square for a grand musical, or saw a unique show at your local theatre, you’ve seen all the people that come together to create art. WRP focuses on an experience for both veteran and new artists, and is dedicated to welcoming new people into the industry.


2. Theatre is an important outlet. Whether you’re watching or participating, theatre is a great way to outlet your creative energy and emotions. The Greek notion of catharsis is the purging of emotions, which is why you feel better after laughing or crying during a production. Most importantly, WRP is extremely accessible to students, with our youth shows and classes, which help teach the importance of acting, dancing, and singing. Theatre is as much of a hobby as it is a profession, and we love to help others join!


3. Join our community. “Community” is an extremely important word to WRP. Every production should feel like a family working together, from the actors on our stage to our board operators behind-the-scenes, and everyone in between. The comfort of our volunteers, staff, and patrons is the most valuable thing to us, when putting on a production. We love to see people return to WRP as much as we love to see brand-new folks as well. No matter how many years you’re supported us, we’ll welcome you into our community with open arms.


4. Advertise and support local. We are the historic theatre of Bath, Ohio, and we strive to give back to our community as much as possible. We have local sponsors and advertisers who will appear in our programs, on our website, and whose business cards may even be in the WRP lobby. These ads are thought to reach 2,000+ people from WRP. As a small institution ourselves, we see the importance in helping other businesses. Please see our link below if you’re interested in advertising with us!


5. Become part of the process. Did you do theatre as a student, and miss the atmosphere? Have skills as a carpenter but nothing to make? Or want to try your hand at mixing our specialty drinks and cocktails for a night? WRP is always recruiting new volunteers of all kinds! If you’d like to work behind-the-scenes, we often hold work sessions for new productions or renovations at The Barn, and you’re always welcome to join! Or, if you’d like to see a show for free, volunteer to help usher or run our concessions counter! Send us a message through the website or our Facebook page, and we’d love to have you!

You can also help us directly through contributions. Consider these:



  • WRP Gift Cards, in denominations for $5 – $100. That gift for someone who has everything. You can buy them online by clicking here.
  • WRP Season Pass – This ticket can be for every WRP show, or you can pick and choose. Great value and great support. You can buy them online by clicking here.
  • WRP Store – how about a T-shirt or a sweatshirt, or a mug with the WRP logo? You can visit the store here.
  • Advertise with WRP – Fill out this contact form and we’ll be in touch to create your ad.
  • Donate to WRP – consider a donation to WRP to keep the magic alive. Any donation from $25 and up. Visit our donation page by clicking here.

Did you know a donation to WRP is tax-deductible? Western Reserve Playhouse is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and every donated dollar expands our entertainment value.

Foundations and Corporate Sponsors

Major Supporters


Akron Community Fund

Summit County Cares Act

LEGENDS ($5,000 – $19,999)

Bath Community Fund

Brian and Adrean Stulak

The Akron Community Fund

The PEGS Foundation

BENEFACTORS ($1,000 – $4,999)

Bath Volunteers for Service

David and Jill Klainer*

Ohio Arts Council

Partner for Theaters

In Memoriam of Joyce Sainto*

State of Ohio Cares Act – Liquor

STARS ($500 – $999)


The Atwood Family

Jim Gremba

Ernie & Bernedatte Hisey

Kevin Kelly

Sam & Deb Laferty

Dia & Jordan Ray*

Dennis Runkle & Kathleen Sanow

August Scarpelli*

Sue Snyder*

Darwin Steele

Sarah Steiner

The Lubrizol Foundation

Jeff & Dawn Yamokoski*

Val Young

ANGELS ($250 – $499)

Allstate Insurance Company

Bryan Bird

Marie Covington

Susan & Michael Delahanty

Angela Donajkowski

John and Joanne Rohrer

Mark & Cathy Schikowski

Gary & Betsy Sniadak

Dorthy and Milton Snyder

Craig Webb

Shirley Workman

Richard & Nancy Yamokoski

RISING STARS ($100 – $249)

Vince Balunas

Darlene Banfield

Jacob Bremekamp

Syd and Dean Davis

Edleman Family

Jason Edleman

Jim Fippin

Jacob Gaspar

Greg Gnau

Megan Harbath

Anne Heckerman

The Heckroth Family

Justin Herman*

Donald Hogue

Daniel Hunsicker

Sharon Keeler

Victoria Kirgesner

Craig and Susan Lanham

Karen D. Larry-Moyer

Nancy & Ron Miller

Mark Moore

PNC Banking

Rebecca Polito

Laurie Russell

Mary M. Ryan

Paul Schweigert

Jack Standford

Nancy Stanforth

Keith Stevens*

Jack & Margaret Stitt

Kelsey Tomlinson

Emily Updegraff

Sean Vollman

Justine Winger*

Karen Wood

Dorota Zarzycka


Kellie Abbott

Benjamin Arrington

Omallah Bechter

Deb Butler

Patrick Clement

Karen Currans

JW Damon

Christina Drybola

William and Shani Ferry

Patrick Hanlon

Tom Hill

Katherine Holtz

Brian Innenberg

Tim & Pat Jolly

Joe Kirgersner

Brianna Laybourn

Martha Lester

Eva Miller

Faith Orley

Kathy Pekarcik

Joanne Polachek

Allison Punwani

James Rankin

Zar and Vivian Reader III

Jeanette Riffle

Dave & Christine Williams

We also want to thank everyone who donated to ANY Facebook non-profit donation or GivingNow event. If you would like to have your name on this list, please reach out to:

Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski at Again, thank you!

(Updated 11/03/2020)