Things are getting a little steamy on stage in the ol’ barn at Western Reserve Playhouse in Bath, as the giddily sexy satire “The Underpants” continues.

The play by renaissance man Steve Martin, adapted from a German farce by Carl Sternheim, is set in 1910 Dusseldorf. But this is no staid old story: It’s a romp that plays as a sex comedy, where just about all of the characters are motivated by copulation.

In March of 2019, WRP presented the classic The Bridges of Madison County, and it wasn’t just the sold-out houses that liked our show. Kerri Clawson, of the Akron Beacon Journal, had this to say:

“The tension is so palpable in a scene where Francesca feeds a stranger dinner in The Bridges of Madison County, it’s almost unbearable at Western Reserve Playhouse.”

Great community theatre with ambitious, high quality productions...”

– from a fan sharing their thoughts on Trip Advisor

I am a great fan of community theatre and NE Ohio is blessed with many good companies, but Western Reserve stands out in many ways. I think what makes it especially distinctive is its willingness to stage plays that are off the radar of most other groups. Instead of running to the latest popular plays to be licensed (e.g. Mama Mia which seemed to be everywhere last spring and summer) WRP chooses a more elegant line-up.

Lost in Yonkers was incredible. I was truly blown away by this cast and their ability to bring to life this moving and poignant piece of American theatre. I didn’t want it to end

CLEVE REVIEW: ‘The Maids’ Serve Up an Intense and Intimate Production at Western Reserve Playhouse

“There are so many twists and turns in Jean Genet’s play The Maids that any plot synopsis should come with a “Spoiler Alert” warning. Suffice to say that this rarely produced drama is receiving an intense and intimate production at Western Reserve Playhouse.

Dawn Sniadak -Yamokoski stages the action with wit and whimsy, but always with an underlying mix of mischief and danger brewing beneath. Her impressive cast is up to both the physical and emotional demands of their roles. Shani Ferry and Adrienne Jones are exceptional as the title characters, taking turns being dominant and submissive to one another as they roleplay through their work shift. Rose Foti is also excellent as their poised and proper employer, who doesn’t for a minute realize her employees are plotting against her.”

the acting, singing and choreography stood up to any of the community and professional theater we’ve seen elsewhere across the country.