2020 Education Classes

WRP is excited to announce its 2020 Winter Education Programs.

PLAY!  (The Joy of Creating Play in Performance)

Instructor: Victoria Kirgesner

Dates/Time: January 29th – March 18th / Wednesdays 4:30pm – 6:00pm (8 weeks)

Designed for students 8-13 years of age

Cost: $95.00/student


Putting on a play (performing in or participating in any way) is one of the most fulfilling experiences to the young student, as it engages the mind, especially the young mind, in all of the important facets of everyday life through a creative conduit. In this class, students will embrace and conquer all of the aspects of putting on a play: from basic acting/performance skills (including rhetoric, elocution, and memorization), to stage construction, crafting props, designing lights and costumes, marketing, and everything in between. Using theatre games designed by Viola Spolin and Paul Sills’ famed improvisation troupe Second City, the students will put on a very special performance: a play created and written by all of the students. Based on one or a series of stories that the group holds dear to their hearts, the ensemble will devise a brand-new performance never before-seen, and then go on to produce it to the fullest. Students will not only be introduced to how to put on a play in a technical sense but how to work together, problem solve in a group, and sharpen respectful public presentation skills. The course will conclude in a public performance on the last day of class.

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




Instructor: Kyle Huff

Dates/Time: January 23rd – March 12th / Thursdays 4:30pm – 6:00pm (8 weeks)

Ages 13+

Cost: $95.00


Come and explore our greatest poet! On our journey we’ll not only find ourselves in some of the greatest plays ever performed and poems ever written; but, we will discover the true art of play and the joy of group creativity as we build a brand new performance based on The Bard’s work. In this course we will…

  • Introduce students to the significance of Shakespeare in our culture.
  • Introduce the students to and expand upon effective use of narrative storytelling, acting, memorization, relevant production elements (i.e. set creation, costuming, lighting, properties, marketing), elocution, rhetoric, and classical literature.
  • Discover the  joy of Shakespeare’s poetry by performing his speeches, soliloquies, and scenes.
  • Create an open and creative environment for all of our artists.

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




(An introduction to performance withSteven Universe”)

Instructor: Jacob Gaspar

Dates/Time: February 1st – March 21st / Saturdays 10:00am – 11:30am (ages 6-11) –  (8 weeks)

Cost: $95.00

Join us for an epic mission to save the universe from evil with Steven, the Crystal Gems, and the rest of Beach City! This famed cartoon is known for embracing the beautiful imperfections of life and telling a coming-of-age by showing that it’s not only okay, but beautiful, to accept all beings as they are; furthermore, to love what you love and never be ashamed. Using this and theatre games designed to teach skills such as acting, group problem solving, and public speaking, this class will also guide students into creating their own, brand-new performance! Designed for children 8 years or older, we will save the universe with play, storytelling, music, and much, much more.

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




(An advanced look at all the actor is tasked with. From the Audition to the Audience)

Instructor: August Scarpelli

Dates/Time: January 28th – March 17th / Tuesdays – 4:30pm – 6:00pm (8 weeks)

Ages: 13+

Cost: $95.00

Acting: one of the oldest and most celebrated arts. We have had “actors” in our culture for as long as we can tell. We are all natural storytellers. Acting today comes with a lot of obstacles and requires a lot of preparation. Tasks such as how to prepare most effectively and efficiently for an audition, rehearsals, and performances is what we will be discovering in this course. In this course students will…

  • Explore a series of techniques geared towards performing a successful audition.
  • Learn how and what to prepare, as well as how to behave and perform in this unique setting.
  • Students will be required to “audition” for a specific play in front of a panel of local professionals.
  • Teach and sharpen the technical skills that an actor uses to do their work.
  • Study the great acting teachers and innovators from Stanislavski to Chekov, Brecht, Spolin, Brook, and well beyond (all will be taught).
  • Prepare a scene with a partner(s) from a classic and challenging play – this scene will be the final presentation in front of local professionals.

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




(Six weeks to put on a play? We can do it!)

Instructor: Zachary Manthey and Executive Artistic Director, Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski

Dates/Time: February 10th – March 16th / Mondays 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (6 weeks) 

Ages (4-8)

Cost: $75.00


This course is offered for our youngest age group and our newest “thespians.” In this class students will be introduced to the basics of the stage and what all goes into putting on a production. Students will spend classes working on 10-15 minute plays that will have them delving into new worlds and broadening their imagination, while learning introductory skills in theatre arts. The final class will be a showcase of all our students’ hard work! 

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




The Wide World of Accents 1

(How to discover your own accent and master others)

Instructor: Shley Snider

Dates/Time: January 13th – February 3rd / Mondays – 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm (4 weeks)

Ages: 13+

Cost: $55.00 

Everyone has an accent and using different ones from all over the world can be a big part of our theatrical endeavors. Come and learn how to discover your own accent and how to successfully deliver an RP British, New York, Scottish, and German accent. Not only a useful skill for auditioning, but one of the most fun tricks in theatre!

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.



Enhancing Musical Theater Performance

Instructor: Jacob Bremkamp

Dates/Time: January 25th – February 15th / Saturdays –  2:00pm – 3:30pm (4 weeks)

Ages: 8th – 12th Grade

Cost: $55.00

 This course is designed to help the musical theater performer advance their stagecraft, focusing on three core elements: Specificity, Authenticity, and Vocal Performance. Through one-on-one training, this class will be an intimate group of people who wish to bring in specific songs that they are interested in exploring dramatically (either audition pieces or musical numbers that will challenge them).

Once the class is assembled, all participants will bring in sheet music of one full song that they wish to work on throughout the course, along with the choice of a 16 bar cut of audition material they would like to have for their audition books. We will work both one-on-one and as a group, analyzing, interpreting, and ultimately cleaning/polishing final performances of these musical numbers.

The goal is to help identify what we connect with on a personal level in the songs we bring to the table, and how we can find new ways of giving them authentic life on stage, utilizing these core elements. This class is for those who are interested in taking their musical theater performance to the next level, and to ultimately help give performers a “boost” in the effectiveness of their unique interpretations of modern and classical musical theater repertoire.

Minimum of 4 enrolled to have class.




Come out and audition for our next two shows at WRP

Western Reserve Playhouse auditions for 

the next 2 Musicals 


I Love You,  You’re Perfect, Now Change – 2018 Revival 

Music by Jimmy Roberts with Book & Lyrics By Joe DiPietro



Music by Jeanine Tesori, lyrics by Brian Crawley

Based on The Ugliest Pilgrim by Doris Betts 


Production Staff: 

I Love You,  You’re Perfect, Now Change


  • Director,  Kevin Kelly 
  • Musical Director, Bryan Bird




  • Director, Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski
  • Musical Director, Bryan Bird
  • Choreographer, Jennifer Justice



Audition Date: Sunday, January 26 – 7-9PM and January 28 – 7-9PM 

Callbacks: (if needed)  January 29 7-9PM 


Sign Up HERE: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054EADA92AA5F85-auditions4


Rehearsals: I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change will start February 9, 2020

and Violet will start March 22, 2020 (The rehearsal period will not exceed 5 weeks total)


I Love You,  You’re Perfect, Now Change – March 13-28, 2020

Violet- April 24 – May 9, 2020

Location: Western Reserve Playhouse 3326 Everett Road, Bath, Ohio 44286

Audition Requirements:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before audition time slot to fill out required information and receive excerpt.
  • When possible, actors will be asked to stay to read scenes with other perspective actors.
  • Total audition time will not exceed 40 minutes.
  • Please bring all known conflicts to the auditions.
  • Please bring, if available, headshots and resumes. (supplied material may not be returned)
  • Prospective cast, under the age of 18, will need to have a guardian attend the audition.

Please prepare:

  • Prepare  32 bars of a musical theatre, gospel, or country song and 32 bars of contemporary musical theater comedic song or ballad.  An accompanist will be provided – no a cappella or recorded accompaniment allowed
  • You may be asked to read sides from the script
  • Bring a headshot and resume
  • Bring ALL known conflicts during your rehearsal process. 


Roles are open to all ethnicities. No equity contracts at this time.

Roles Available: 

I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change (2018 Revival) Runs –March 13-28, 2020

The longest running off-Broadway revue has been revised for the 21st century! This celebration or the mating game takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum known as ‘the relationship.’ A DFW audience favorite, the 2018 version features two new songs, revised lyrics and dialogue throughout the show to reflect dating in modern times. Perfect for its Valentine’s Day opening.


Roles that  are open, diversity is welcomed, 2 Women and 2 Men, all playing several characters. All roles contain adult content, language and sexual references. All cast members must be comfortable on stage in some form of underwear.

Woman #1 – 25 and up, Soprano or Mezzo, low A to High G, able to play a wide variety of characters

Man #1 – 25 and up, Bari/Tenor, low G to high G, able to play a wide variety of characters

Woman #2 – (Pre-Cast) 21+, Soprano or Mezzo, low F to High E, able to play a wide variety of characters

Man #2 – 25 and up, Bari/Tenor, low G to high G, able to play a wide variety of characters


Violet – Runs, April 24 – May 9, 2020 :

Winner of the Drama Critics’ Circle Award and Lucille Lortel Award for Best Musical when it premiered Off-Broadway in 1997, and then on to a Tony-nominated Broadway debut in 2014 with a revised version, Violet is a moving musical featuring show-stopping anthems, ranging from American-roots to folk to gospel.  With a score from Tony-winning composer Jeanine Tesori (Caroline, or Change; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Shrek; Fun Home) and book and lyrics by the acclaimed Brian Crawley (A Little Princess), Violet is inspired by the short story, The Ugliest Pilgrim by Doris Betts, astounding critics and audiences alike in two separate decades.

As a girl, Violet was struck by a wayward axe blade when her father was chopping wood, leaving her with a visible scar across her face. With enough money finally saved, she’s traveling across the Deep South in Civil Rights era 1964 towards a miracle – the healing touch of a TV evangelist who will make her beautiful. Although she may not succeed in having the scar on her face healed, Violet is able to repair those scars that are lying deeper than her skin. On the way, she meets a young African-American soldier whose love for her reaches far past her physical “imperfections.”

See below the roles that are open and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Cat of 11 needed: 6 men, 4 women, 1 girl.  Ages are approximate.

VIOLET | F | 20-35 | Caucasian | Mezzo with strong musical theatre belt | The title character, a young North Carolina woman whose face was scarred in a childhood accident. She is stubborn and prickly, but filled with equal parts hope and obsession that she may be healed and made beautiful.

FLICK | M | 20-30 | African-American – Pre -Cast (Anthony Savage-Williams) | Baritone with strong musical theatre belt | A soldier; a dreamer and go-getter. He doesn’t enjoy the army, but enjoys the respect it garners him. There is something gentle and good about him, not to be interpreted or confused with weakness or lack of authority.

MONTY | M | 20-30 | Caucasian | Tenor | A paratrooper and Flick’s friend from basic training. Rough around the edges. Self-consumed, but not necessarily purposefully so. Fighting his own demons.

YOUNG VIOLET | F | 10-13 (Or reads 10-13 on stage)| Caucasian | Mezzo | Not quite as guarded or prickly as her older self, but still tough and stubborn. She has a keen curiosity and the rough edges of being brought up solely by her father.

FATHER | M | 35-45 | Caucasian | Baritone | A simple, widowed man who lovingly raises his daughter alone doing the best he can with little knowledge or resources. Stern but friendly, smart but uneducated. Accidentally scars Violet’s face while he is chopping wood.

OLD LADY | F | 45-65 | Any Ethnicity | Alto | A former beauty in her heyday. Staunch, tired and frustrated with life. Must be able to play both sweet and “down and dirty.” Actor doubles as Hotel Hooker.

PREACHER | M | 35-50 | Any Ethnicity | Tenor | An impassioned, theatrical man who 

preaches with all the bravado he can muster. Once had a true healing touch but has lost it in his quest to become a showman. Dismissive and egotistical. Actor doubles as Radio Singer, Bus Driver, and Bus Passenger.

VIRGIL | M | 20-35 | Caucasian | Tenor | The Preacher’s assistant. Knows the smoke and mirrors of the Preacher’s show and must begrudgingly deal with anyone who might derail it. Actor doubles as Billy Dean, Bus Driver, Radio Singer, and Bus Passenger.

MUSIC HALL SINGER | F | 35-45 | Any Ethnicity | Alto/Mezzo with strong blues belt | The solo performer at a dance hall in Memphis. Actor doubles as Bus Passenger.

LULU BUFFINGTON | F | 40-70 | African-American | Alto with strong gospel belt | A soloist in the volunteer choir that sings for the Preacher’s telecast. Sings for God with passion and power. Actor doubles as Almeta (Landlady) and Bus Passenger.

LEROY EVANS | M | 45-70 | Caucasian | Baritone | A citizen of Spruce Pine with a dog named Roscoe. Not very bright. Actor doubles as Radio Soloist, Bus Driver, and Bus Passenger.

If you have any questions for either director please email, jobsatwrp@gmail.com

Western Reserve Playhouse 3326 Everett Rd, Bath, Ohio 44286 – 330-620-7314, www.thewrp.org

Meet the cast of our season opener, “Blithe Spirit” By Noel Coward

Western Reserve Playhouse is pleased to announce the talented cast of our

 2020 Season Production of

“Blithe Spirit”

By Noel Coward 

Directed by August Scarpelli * Stage Managed – Hannah Hilty-
Costumes-Jasen Smith  * Light Design- Daniel Hunsicker

Assistant Directors * Lainee Davis & Kyle Huff


Charles Condomine – Jim Fippin

Ruth Condomine – Shani Ferry

Elvira Condomine – Victoria Kirgesner

Madame Arcati – Valerie Young

Edith – Kaitlyn Poschner

Dr. Bradman – Zach Manthey

Mrs Bradman – Mia Radabaugh

“Blithe Spirit” runs at Western Reserve Playhouse from 

January 24-February 8, 2020

For more information please go www.thewrp.org

Again, Congratulations!!!! 

This Saturday are our 2020 $5 Bucks Series Auditions!

Western Reserve Playhouse is holding auditions for our 2020 $5 Play Reading Series:

What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton, The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse, Hand to God by Robert Askins, The Cake by Bekah Brunsteter, The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh

When: Saturday, November, 23, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Western Reserve Playhouse 3326 Everett Rd, Richfield, OH 44286

Sign Up At https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054EADA92AA5F85-2020

Please prepare two 1 minute contemporary monologues, one comic, one dramatic; actors may also be asked to read from one or more of the plays being presented. Character descriptions should NOT be taken as literal guidelines for casting. They offer a very broad outline to give a rough idea of character types. Before auditioning, actors are strongly encouraged to read the play(s) they are interested in auditioning for. No equity contracts offered at this time.

Roles available for What the Butler Saw, directed by Jim Fippin, performance January 26, 2020:
Dr. Prentice (m): 40s or 50s. “A husband must be allowed to put his wife into a straight-jacket. It’s one of the few pleasures left in modern marriage.”
Geraldine Barclay (f): 20s. (answering the question “What is your shorthand speed?”) “I can manage twenty words a minute with ease, sir.”
Mrs. Prentice (f): 40s or 50s. (said of her, not by her) “You were born with your leg apart. They’ll send you to the grave in a y-shaped coffin.”
Nicholas Beckett (m): 20s. “I’d like to get out of the indecent photograph racket. It’s so wearing on the nerves.”
Dr. Rance (m): 50+. “I once put a whole family into a communal straight-jacket…It was my own family. I’ve a picture of the scene at home.”
Sergeant Match (m): “If you make any attempt to arouse me, doctor, I shall call for help.”

Roles available for The Thanksgiving Play, directed by Connie Thackaberry, performance March 15, 2020
Logan (f): Caucasian looking, the director as well as an actor. Earnest about doing the right thing, but wants everyone to feel part of the collaboration so much that it derails the actual play.
Caden (m): Caucasian looking, the academic. Teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School System with dramatic aspirations but no clue how things work on stage.
Jaxton (m): Caucasian looking, the LA surfer actor. Politically correct to a fault, a big one. He’s that guy everyone loves, but his logical PC thinking takes weird turns.
Alicia (f): Brunette Caucasian but has looks that would have been cast as ethnic in 1950’s movies. Hot, but not bright. That actress whose every script note ends with her being allocated more lines.

Roles available for Hand to God, directed by Andrew Cruse, performance May 17, 2020
Margery (f): recently widowed, recruited by her pastor to teach a church “puppet class” for teens.
Jason/Tyrone (m): her teen-aged son, introverted, shy. Tyrone is his puppet, libidinous, angry, dangerous.
Jessica (f): a nerdy and offbeat teen in the class
Timothy (m): a horny and expletive spouting teen, also in the class
Pastor Greg (m): middle aged, infatuated with Margery

Roles available for The Cake, directed by Shane Stahl, performance July 5, 2020
Della (f): 40s, pleasant, round, with a mass of big, curly hair.
Tim (m): 40s, her husband, a good ol’ boy.
Jen (f): early 30s, with a wedding binder, who has dreamt of her wedding day her whole life.
Macy (f): early 30s, her reluctant fiancé, African American.

Roles available for The Pillowman: directed by Kyle Huff, performance on November 8, 2020
Katurian (m): a writer of gruesome short stories often involving children. His disturbed imagination is the result of hearing his brother abused when they were younger.
Michal (m): Katurian’s brother, who is “slow to get things.”
Tupolski (m): a detective, the “good cop.” Cold, uncaring, detached.
Ariel (m): a brutal and violent detective who has a vendetta against anyone who commits crimes against children because of abuse in his own past.

Questions? Email the Series Coordinator Jim Fippin at jimfippinwrp@gmail.com

WRP IS HIRING- Come and work for us!

Western Reserve  Playhouse is now hiring: 

Administrative Assistant (Part-time)

Western Reserve Playhouse – Bath, Ohio

Part-time – $10.00 per hour up to 20 hours a week.


Western Reserve Playhouse  is seeking a part-time administrative/marketing assistant. The position is responsible for providing administrative support to the Executive Artistic Director.


  • Assist the Executive Artistic Director with daily tasks.
  • Supervise volunteer hours.
  • Coordinate and create performance program printing and distribution.
  • Work with Executive Artistic Director to schedule auditions. Coordinate day-of audition requirements with production staff.
  • Update WRP calendar.
  • Daily Social Media Posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Creating and maintaining Press Releases for all events at WRP.
  • Creating and Maintaining Monthly emails for WRP.
  • Creating and Maintaining emails for patrons.
  • Box Office Phone
  • Maintain and update the Actors and Education Handbooks.
  • Maintaining ads for yearly programs.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Desirable attributes include excellent written and oral communication skills; interpersonal and organizational skills; exceptional customer service skills; the ability to work independently and in a team. Microsoft Office skills are expected.


  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, especially MS Word and MS Excel
  • Proficient with social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Strong writing proficiency
  • Pleasant speaking voice
  • Work with minimal supervision
  • consistent follow-through skills


Minimum Requirements:

A High School diploma is required with at least three years of secretarial experience. Most of this is work from home or video/phone conferences but, must have transportation when needed.

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria necessary to successfully perform the job. When requested, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

The Western Reserve Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer. WRP prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, marital or parental status, pregnancy, disability, or genetic information in student admissions, financial aid, educational or athletic programs, or employment as now or may hereafter be required by university policy and federal or state law.

Please send resume with cover letter to jobsatwrp@gmail.com attention Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski