Not Your Average Fairy Tale

A remix of fates for the villians and heroes of Fairytale Land

Directed by Dayshawnda Ash

Written by Dayshawnda Ash and August Scarpelli

Performed by students ages 5-10

Performance Date: August 7th at 2pm

Rehearsals are well under way for this adorable production, featuring the fables and stories that we all know and love!

There is only one performance for this show: Saturday, August 7th at 2pm. Tickets will be $10 each, with a 95-seat limit! Due to health regulations from Summit County, masks will be required when inside WRP.


Ella Bialik (Judge)

Juliana Gentile (Little Red)

Pennington Daley (Wolf)

Rehs Daley (Youngest Pig)

Andrew Daurelio (Gerald (the boy who cried wolf))

Scarlett Dudley (Eldest Pig)

Carla Gingo (Second Pig)

Morgan Lehman (News Anchor/Little Bo Peep/Grandma)

Sammie Stulak (Pinocchio)

Violette Vukoder (Rumplestiltskin)

Vivian Vukoder (Sleeping Beauty)

Stay tuned for announcements and tickets for this production!

Dayshawnda Ash


Dayshawnda Ash is excited to be working with WRP, debuting...