Love at a Distance

Wedding season is upon us once again, but after a year in isolation, things feel a little different. Join us for a night of wacky comedic one-acts all about the proposal, the planning, and the happily ever after… maybe. WRP will be presenting a festival of new works, featuring our playwrights as much as our actors, in one last virtual celebration of love, and everything that can go wrong with it. Tickets will be $15 per viewer, and this performance will be pre-recorded, edited, and released May 21, 22, 28, and 29, at 7:30pm.

With the weather turning warm, vaccines becoming a reality, and renovations at The Barn being finished, the chances of this production being our last full-scale WRP Connect show are very real. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or just joined us for this production, please, enjoy “Love at a Distance” from the comfort of your homes! Watch, enjoy, and reminisce as the stresses of a wedding may remind you of your own marriage. Or, that of your parents, friends, or even the planning of your own some day. This night is a celebration of love, and we can’t wait for you to join us for it!


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Show Dates: May 21, 22, 28, and 29. Thank you for your support!

Long-time WRP fans will recognize our first show right away: from our very own Jeff Yamokoski comes “,” also known as “The Daffodils of Sarajevo!”

This first act shows a wildly incompatible couple slowly falling for each other, over their first date. What could go wrong? Cue the overbearing mother.

By Jeff Yamokoski
Directed by Keith Stevens

Adam – Jay Hill
Marie – Shani Ferry
Petra – Bernedette Hisey

Picture this: you’re getting married in two weeks, you’ve had a bottle of wine, and life is good. The only thing to make it better is some bangs, cut professionally by you… oh no.

This romp of a family comedy has multiple good messages, but “don’t try to give yourself bangs after a bottle of wine” is one we’ll take to heart.

“Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”
By Laurie Allen
Directed by Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski

Savannah – Hannah Hilty
Joyce – Rose Gabriele Foti
George – Vincent Sarowatz
Billy – Ben Arrington

What happens when your daughter wants to have her wedding on a beach? Are you all for it, or hoping for something a little more… traditional?

Follow Saul and Martha in this sweet duologue about their daughter’s wedding, and their contrasting thoughts on the matter! Come for the show, stay for the hush puppies.

“Beach Wedding”
By Vivian Lermond
Directed by Chris Bizub

Martha – Val Young
Saul – Dennis Runkle

Alex really wants to get married. Craig doesn’t really care either way. And Alex’s mother refuses to go, because weddings where two men get married aren’t really her cup of tea.

In “The _____ Wedding,” join us for a comedic look at the overbearing mother who wants the best for her son – as long as she doesn’t have to be there. Plus, there’s cake!

“The _____ Wedding”
By Josh Downing
Directed by Kevin Kelly

Sharon – Susan Wagner
Craig – Brian O. Jackson
Alex – Jordan Potter

Finally, our last show of the festival is the happily ever after, the perfect fairy tale wedding… gone completely wrong.

From our very own Zach Manthey comes Prince and Princess Charming in couple’s therapy (You can imagine just about how well it goes). This show is not yet rated, but it’s safe to assume that this won’t be a Disney ending 🤴 👸

“Happily Maybe After”
By Zach Manthey
Directed by Daniel Hunsicker

Narrator – Nathan Ott
Therapist – Kelsey Tomlinson
Prince – Adam Harris
Princess – Mia Radabaugh