“King Lear” by William Shakespeare

Arguably William Shakespeare’s most famous and harsh tragedy, the story of King Lear follows the king as he slowly delves into madness, accelerated by the cruelty of two of his daughters, Goneril and Regan. Beginning with a banishment and ending with a war, and with a tempest in the middle, this epic could only be played in five parts, each released as a separate video on our YouTube Channel.

This show was released throughout a week in July, 2020.

Directed by August Scarpelli

Edited by Hannah Hilty

Aaron Elersrich


Aaron Elersrich has appeared in King Lear with WRP.

August Scarpelli


August Scarpelli is looking forward to returning to the (virtual) stage...

Hannah Hilty


Hannah Hilty is ready to be back onstage (or, onscreen)...

Jim Fippin


Jim Fippin has been seen on stage at Ohio Shakespeare Festival,...

Keith Stevens


Keith Stevens has appeared in King Lear at WRP.

Kelly Strand


Kelly Strand has appeared in King Lear, in addition to...

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