Gift Cards


The holidays are here and you’ve got a way to make sure your friends and family don’t miss out on the magic of Western Reserve Playhouse!  Give the gift of live theatre with a WRP Gift Card!

They can be purchased in any amount and used for future performances or education camps and classes.

They are the perfect gift for the whole family to enjoy together!

The time for gift giving is here! Each year does it seems harder than ever to come up with fun, unique gift ideas for your friends and loved ones? What do you do get for that person who has everything?

This year, consider gifting an experience like live theater at WRP. Giving the gift of live theater is innovative, unique and full of rich experiences for the whole family.

Not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons a WRP Gift Card makes a great holiday gift for anyone on your list.

  1. WRP brings families together, It’s is a great way to set an evening aside and go have an experience without screens, phones or anything else that normally distracts you and your family during the busy day. Device off times like this don’t come around often and giving the gift of a WRP gift card is a great way for families to enjoy each other’s company while doing something fun together. With either a gift of season tickets or gift certificates, you can help bring your family together for a night of fun and adventure.
  2. WRP is a different kind of magic We are so much more than a story – it brings the world around you to life. Unlike movies, where the show is the same every single time and everything is flat on the screen in front of you, theater is unique because its different every time. Some shows even get the audiences involved and bring you along for the ride. Storytelling has never been as interactive and magical as when it’s in at WRP!
  3. WRP sparks creativity in children Giving your child the gift of a WRP Education camp could be the thing they need to spark their love of acting, singing or directing. Children are often so busy trying to succeed in school that
    extracurriculars take a backseat. Introducing them to the theater is a great way to spark creativity and rekindle their love of the arts or create joy that they’ve never experienced before. And who know, it could be a gift that changes their life.
  4. A performance at WRP can be a unique way to thank family and friends Thinking of fun, unique gifts is hard work. Why give a gift card when you can give a fun experience that will last a lifetime? A gift certificate to WRP is a great way to show that you care and appreciate your loved ones.
  5. A WRP gift card is the gift that keeps on giving They say that it’s the thought that counts, but nothing is more thoughtful than giving the gift of live theater. Show how much you appreciate how much they do by giving them a fun date or two at WRP that they’ll be talking about for weeks!