It is a great honor and pleasure to help lead WRP in creating content that perpetuates arts education in our community.  At WRP, our mission for this Education Department is to enrich our community by guiding students of all ages in the art of the theatre as it is essential to society. It is our most ancient communal activity. For thousands of years, human beings have chosen to tell each other stories, and to animate those stories to the level of performance in order to make sense of our various histories, religions, and experiences across the planet. As a community playhouse, it is our duty to pay forward our studies of how and why providing storytelling for our community is an essential function of our economy and quality of life. We are committed to both introducing our students to the fundamental techniques that permeate all facets of public presentation/ theatrical performance, and elevating our students to a better understanding of advanced communication skills, group creativity, and the significant role of art in everyday life.

In the past year, challenging as it has been for all of us, we have been lucky enough to offer online and onsite classes in many of the performing arts for adults and children alike. Our classes included audition preparation, vocal lessons, accents and dialects, youth play production, painting, costume design, play reading, and more. Now in 2021, we are expanding our horizons. Just you wait and see! For as long as we have a community that is eager to learn, eager to be entertained, and eager to perform, at WRP we will be offering educational workshops, productions, and experiences that reflect your desire to create.

We hope that you have enjoyed our content thus far, and look forward to working with you now as we replant our roots and begin to bloom after this long and cold winter. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all.

August Scarpelli

Artistic Director