Drywall for our Classroom

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Sponsor a Piece of Drywall!

Ok, yes, it may not be the most glamorous fundraiser, but this drywall is extremely important! Why? Because it’ll be the last piece of our CLASSROOM/MULTI-FUNCTION ROOM! With this final extension of The Barn complete, we’ll be able to use this room for camps, classes, extra rehearsals, meetings – goodness, the possibilities are endless!

However, drywall ain’t cheap, SO! We’d love to have you sponsor a piece of drywall to be installed into our new multi-function room! Each sheet is be a $15 dollar donation, and we’re looking to have 38 donors. We can think of 38 reasons why this room will be a giant improvement to WRP, and more! And you’ll be a part of it!

What do you get if you sponsor a piece of drywall for WRP? Does our endless appreciation and love count? …No? Well then, we’ll also make sure that your name and/or organization is proudly proclaimed on a piece of artwork adorning the room! If physically permitting, we’d love for you to personally sign your name on it, as well, so your John Hancock will look beautiful next to accompanying a painting!

Click the link below if you’d like to sponsor a piece of drywall, and thus become a part of WRP history! Please specify your name/organization in the notes on the order, so we don’t mess up spelling or anything like that. Thank you so much for your support, consideration, and we hope you’ll help sponsor and be added to our “DryWall of Fame!”

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