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Hannah Hilty (WRP Connect Coordinator)


Hello, and welcome to WRP Connect!

Well, The Barn is being renovated, our staff is getting vaccinated, and the weather is beautiful out. With all this posivity comes a bittersweet announcement: WRP Connect will be taking a backseat to other productions, as in-person theatre becomes closer to being a reality.

However, this isn’t the end of WRP Connect as we know it! We still plan on continuing our virtual content on one form or another. But with the exciting prospect of live theatre returning after its year-long hiatus, even though it may feel different for a while, we’ll be putting our heads together to bring the best, and most safe, performances for our patrons. These performances are born from a passion to act or direct, and we’re so lucky to have so many talented volunteers offering their time to create something original while bending the rules of Zoom. Please peruse our past shows to see what we’ve tackled so far as we wait for our doors to reopen!

Past shows include William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” “King Lear,” and “As You Like It,” Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “The Witch of Edmonton” by three different Elizabethan authors. In 2021, we brought you three comedic sketches by Anton Chekhov titled “Fragments of Farce” and a festival of shows about weddings called “Love at a Distance,” featuring new playwrights.

I’m so honored to have headed this program, and I hope to bring you more art soon!

With Many Thanks,

Hannah Hilty

Administrative Assistant, WRP Connect Coordinator

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WRP Connect Is Taking a Break!

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