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Announcing Our Next TWO Virtual Play Readings!

WRP has got two new play readings coming to your screens soon! Rehearsals begin soon, and we’ll make sure to have another announcement when these plays are uploaded!


William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.

King Lear – Robert Hawkes

Goneril – Shani Ferry

Regan – Kelsey Tomlinson

Cordelia – Kelly Strand

Albany – Jim Fippin

Cornwall – Aaron Elersrich

Kent – Keith Stevens

Gloucester – Rick Hyde

Edgar – August Scarpelli

Edmund – Kyle Huff

Oswald – Hannah Hilty

Fool – Mitch Rose

Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Ernest”

I am sick to death of cleverness. Everybody is clever nowadays.

Jack Worthing – August Scarpelli

Algernon Moncrieff – Jason Leupold

Gwendolyn Fairfax – Shani Ferry

Cecily Cardew – Adrienne Jones

Lady Bracknell – Kevin Kelly

Miss Prism – Mia Radabaugh

Dr. Chasuble – Eric Coulbourne

Lane – Daniel Hunsicker

Merriman – Zach Manthey

Introducing… WRP’s Virtual Play Reading Series!

WRP is excited to announce its…

Play Reading Series

As a part of WRP Connect!



If you’ve been staying up-to-date with WRP, you’ve most likely seen us posting for WRP Connect, whether it be solo videos of our actors singing or performing, or the beginning of our latest project, “Much Ado About Nothing.” We’re glad to say more projects are on their way for you!


We’ll be putting together a list of plays of all kinds to share with our patrons! We’re looking into classic plays as well as brand-new ones, comedies and dramas, kid-friendly and adult-themed, so that everyone can fall in love with a new show!


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for new announcements from this exciting series! You can “Like” our page here:


Have you scene Act 1 of “Much Ado About Nothing” yet? Check it out here!

#WeAreWRP #WRPConnect

Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” At WRP!


Need a break from quarantine lifestyle? Looking for a new show to binge? WRP has got you covered!


Our actors have been putting together a performance of “Much Ado About Nothing” over Zoom, and a new episode will drop each day this week at 4pm!

Starting today, May 11th, a new video will be posted every day at 4pm for each of the five acts of the show. Each video will be about 20-30 minutes long – perfect for a quick afternoon break!

Videos will be posted on our Facebook page: as well as our YouTube page:


This is the perfect show to introduce to kids just starting out on Shakespeare, as well as adults wishing to have more verse and prose in their lives. This show has been adapted for the virtual format, and a short synopsis of each act will be posted alongside the main video for an easier understanding.


One of Shakespeare’s classic comedies, “Much Ado About Nothing” is the original rom com. Lovestruck Claudio meets lovestruck Hero, and a wedding is planned. Meanwhile, Claudio’s friend Benedick finds his ex, Beatrice, and bickering ensues. But when the villainous Don John interferes, one couple breaks up, another gets together, and a mysterious death occurs, breaking the hearts of all. Will this flirty comedy have a happy ending for everyone?


Our WRP Connect Players for this production include Mia Radabaugh, Jason Leupold, Ben Arrington, Kayla Lehman, Kevin Kelly, August Scarpelli, Kyle Huff, Jim Fippin, Daniel Hunsicker, Victoria Kirgesner, Hannah Hilty, Brittany Bizub, Chris Bizub, and Simon Sedmak. They are all WRP returners!

The Ghost Light: An Update from Western Reserve Playhouse

A ghost light is a theatre tradition that means “the show will always happen.” It’s often turned on after one production closes and the next is ready to begin, but for many theatres around the world, this light has been turned on in hopes that postponed or cancelled shows will see a “light” at the end of this road.

This epidemic is a big scare for everyone. As companies shift their workers to their homes and students are given extended breaks, the arts community, especially theatre, does not have that ability. Our craft is people in every sense, and without patrons, we can’t make our art. We ask you, from the bottom of our hearts, to please consider donating to our theatre in any capacity. Any amount would be deeply appreciated.

Here are a few ways that you can help:

– If you’ve purchased tickets for any of our upcoming shows that have been postponed (“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” “The Thanksgiving Play,” or “Guide to Dating: Relationship Advice Said in Song”), consider donating the cost of your ticket back to our theatre.

– Consider purchasing a gift card for an upcoming show (they make great gifts!)

– A donation here on Facebook (any little bit counts!) Or you can become a sponsor to WRP – now’s a perfect time!

– Consider having your student join one of our summer camps! All of our camps will begin in June and will be the perfect way to spend some days off.

– Support other theatres and small businesses – we’re all in this together!

WRP wants to thank everyone so much for their generosity and kindness in this harsh time. To be blunt, we are scared, but confident. More information about the rest of our 2020 Season will be announced soon, and how it may affect our patrons.

We are the “little barn that could,” and that has never been more true than in this epidemic!

Looking for Something to Do This March?


Western Reserve Playhouse has got you

covered when it comes to entertainment!

The comedic musical “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” opens March 13th! This four-actor show is all about “The Relationship” and all the twists and turns it may take! This show runs three weekends, with our special matinee performance on March 22nd.

Did you miss our first $5 Buck Series of 2020? Worry not! Our second show of this season, “The Thanksgiving Play,” will be on Sunday, March 15h at 2pm! This R-Rated comedy shows what happens when people try to write a pageant that honors both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month.

Finally, our CaBARet Series is BACK! Join us on Thursday, March 19th at 8pm for the next installment: “Guide to Dating: Relationship Advice Said in Song!” We have brand-new songs lined up for you, with some new AND returning performers!

As we welcome Spring back, WRP also wants to welcome YOU back through our doors!