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WRP Connect Presents KING LEAR

All Five Acts of KING LEAR Are Available to View

Looking for a short series to binge, or new film to check out? We’ve got the perfect series for you!

All five acts of our WRP Connect performance of KING LEAR are available on our YouTube Channel! We’re so proud of this cast and would love to share their work with you!

Click the link below to be taken to a playlist that includes an introduction to KING LEAR by August Scarpelli, and the five acts of the play.

KING LEAR was directed by August Scarpelli (Education Director) and edited by Hannah Hilty (WRP Connect Coordinator).

Click Here to Watch!

This play is by far the largest project done by WRP Connect so far, so we really hope you have fun with the story, this amazing cast, and the new style of editing! If you’ve enjoyed our production, please consider donating to WRP so that we can continue to bring you new content!

And stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing our next project soon…

MERCH ALERT: WRP Now Has T-Shirts!!


WRP Family, it’s time! After 64 years of being Western Reserve Playhouse, we FINALLY HAVE MERCH!

We’ve launched a T-shirt campaign with to finally get YOU WRP merch to show off to all your friends! There are 9 different styles of shirts and hoodies, and all different kinds of colors!

We hope to expand our online presence, but for now, we hope you enjoy some wearable swag!!

The campaign will only run for 20 days, so make sure to get your shirts while you can!

Click the link below to find your new summer look!!


WRP Announced its 2020 Summer Camp Schedule


Due to the current state of theater and public gatherings in Ohio, Western Reserve Playhouse is launching our first round of educational workshops and camps, generously supported by both the Akron Community Foundation and the Bath Community Fund. We’ll be offering these unique experiences, taught by some of the most talented educational artists in Northeast Ohio, FREE OF CHARGE, during our Summer Session 1 Program to any interested students! This summer, we have a variety of options in the performing and visual arts for all ages, offered at different times to accommodate any busy schedule! There’s something for everyone! Take a look through our catalog below to find the perfect way for you or your little learner to try a new skill, and have some fun at the same time!

The published cost of each camp is $45.00. However, through the generosity of the Akron Community Fund and the Bath Community Fund, these camps are offered free just by entering coupon code of WRPSUMMERFUN at checkout. Stay tuned in July as we will announce our Summer Session 2 camps and classes at an extreme discount!


Workshops/Camps in Session 1: 



Your favorite fairy tales given a unique spin by the entire class! In this course, the class will take a favorite fairy tale or folk tale of their choice and create their own brand new virtual production!


Instructor: Dayshawnda Ash 

Date/Time: Saturdays June 27th – August 1st @10:00am – 11:00am

For students ages 3-6




A new way to have crafts, story-time, theater games, songs, and more! This 45-minute class is filled with laughter and creativity and, better yet, it’s circus-themed! Let the creativity begin in this week-long camp!

Instructor: Jacob Gaspar

Date/Time: August 3-7, 2020 @10am-11AM

For students ages 3-8




Sometimes all you need is a little light to discover a lot of things, including art. In this course, you’ll learn about shadow puppets, make your own shadow creations, and put on your very own virtual shadow puppet play to share with the world.


Instructor: Kyle Huff

Dates/Times: Monday, July 6th through Friday, July 10th @10:00am – 11:00am

For students ages 7-13





Join us for this virtual, improvisation-based experience where each week we will either travel backwards or forwards in time to create brand-new characters, and an adventure with endless possibilities!


Instructor: Victoria Kirgesner

Dates/Times: Monday, June 29th through Friday, July 3rd @ 10:00am – 11:00am

For students ages 7-13





Beach City is in a lot of trouble, and the only ones that can save the day are Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Join us to create and record your very own virtual adventure as the cast of the show Steven Universe!


Instructor: August Scarpelli

Dates/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 7th through July 23rd @10:00am – 11:00am

For students ages 7-13





Join us to refine your skills of auditioning for and performing in musical theater. This is the perfect camp to get those songs added to your repertoire and get the best one-on-one coaching!



Instructor: Jacob Bremkamp

Dates/Times: Monday, June 22nd through Friday, June 26th @ 4:00pm – 5:00pm

For students ages 13-18



COSTUME DESIGN  – From Page to Stage 


Join us for an introduction to the beautiful world of what we wear. In this class, you’ll take a character from the script, all the way to costume rendering. Students will learn how to research historical periods, to read a script for character information, and to draw a costume rendering.


The project:
We will research Fashion styles and trends along with societal standards, to create a character based costume design. Each student will choose one character from a list to research and create a design for.
Week 1:
The script: students will learn how to read a script for costume and character information. Using that information, we will create a costume plot.
Research: taking the information from the script and the concept from the director, look into the fashions of the period and create simple silhouettes for the character.
Week 2:
Using the information from week one we will do research on style, trends and societal norms to create looks for each character.
We will use croqouis templates to create simple pencil renderings.
Week 3:
We will continue our work on renderings and character study.
During our final class each student will present their character design and talk about how the process works for them.

Instructor: Jasen Smith

Dates/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 30th through July 16th @6:00pm – 7:00pm

For students 13+





Join us for an interactive exploration of many different painting techniques used in the world of scenic artistry, and learn about the career of freelance painting!



Instructor: Justine Schneider

Dates/Times: Mondays and Wednesdays from June 29th through July 15th @4pm – 5pm

For students ages 13+





Do you love to read? Do you live to discover cool new stories? In this course, we’ll take an in-depth look at the playwrights, artists, and plays that broke the rules and made new things possible in the theater, from antiquity to today.



Instructors: Victoria Kirgesner and August Scarpelli

Dates/Times: Wednesdays from July 8th through August 12th @6pm – 7pm

For students ages 18 +




Looking for monologues (classical, contemporary, or anything in between), tips, and feedback on your audition skills? Whether it be college auditions, or trying to get ahead of the curve for when the theaters reopened, here you can sign up for an individualized weekly session with the WRP Education Director, August Scarpelli, as well as other local professionals, where you can choose, discuss, and rehearse every facet of your audition.

Lessons will be once a week for 4 weeks. 

Instructor: August Scarpelli & Guest Instructors 

Dates/Times – Will be set up privately with your instructor 

For students and adults ages 13+


Important Update on our 2020 Youth Summer Camps

A letter from our Executive Artistic Director:
May 15th, 2020
My Dearest Patrons, Families, and Campers,
As we all know, we are living through a historic COVID-19 pandemic like we have not seen before. This is causing many lives to be turned upside-down, and we know this first hand.
Since March 13th, 2020, Western Reserve Playhouse had to shut its doors. Our beloved barn has sat there cold, quiet, and waiting for life to return. We had hoped that we would be reopened right now and art could be made on our stage, classes could be taught, and love could wrap its arms around us and help us heal. But this is not the case. We are still waiting for our artistic lives to return.
I have been following Governor DeWine’s talks everyday, speaking to task forces about the arts, working with other arts organizations to come up with a plan to reopen, and making list after list on how to make WRP safe for all of our patrons, volunteers, students, and actors.
As I do see some light at the end of the tunnel, I believe that arts organizations like ours will have to wait longer to reopen and bathe in that light we so desperately want to see. I am redeveloping our 2020-2021 Season, working alongside my wonderful staff to come up with exciting ways to reinvent the artistic wheel, and going over the budget to find room for the expenses needed to make the barn fit the new government guidelines, as well as our own guidelines that we at WRP are going to implement.
With that being, said I have had to make some more hard decisions, and these are mine and mine alone. I am blessed to have a board that is standing beside me.
*All 2020 Summer on-sight YAT Camps are cancelled.*
 As I am  typing these words I am crying, this wasn’t an easy decision to make and anyone who knows me knows that arts education is one of those platforms I believe in, to the core of my being. But with the uncertainty of what this virus can still do, as a mother I can’t put children in harm’s way. 
(We ask at this time that you please do not call the theater, as our staff is working remotely and will be in touch with you as soon as possible)
We will be contacting those who have signed up with these several options:
– A gift certificate in the value of the camp
– Credit for any online virtual classes we will be offering later this summer
– Donation to WRP
– Refund of the camp price.
*The $5 Buck Series “Hand to God” by Robert Askins that was to be performed May 17, 2020 is cancelled.
*The performances of Checkov’s “The Seagull” that was to run June 5-20 have been postponed.
*The $5 Buck Series, “The Cake” by Bekah Brunstetter has been cancelled.
I hope you all know this wasn’t an easy decision for me or WRP to make. However, I value the health and safety of our students, patrons, staff/volunteers, and actors. If there is anything we can help you with during this time, please, please ask.
If, by any chance, you have some extra finances and want to know what to do to help, we are accepting donations through our website:

It’s a horrible thing to ask in a time like this, but WRP is enduring hit after hit during this pandemic, and the cancellation of our summer camps is hurting far more than we could ever imagine.
We can never thank you enough for all your support over the years.
Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoski
Executive Artistic Director
Western Reserve Playhouse

An updated letter from WRP about COVID-19

April 10, 2020


Dear WRP Family, Season Ticket Holders, Volunteers, Students and Patrons,


I first want to say how much I miss seeing everyone and having “the barn” filled with your love and support.  I miss the sounds of laughter and the backstage filled with excitement as we get ready to put on a show. With these times upon us I wanted to take a moment and update you on what we are working on at Western Reserve Playhouse.  (Please note, any and all updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page as needed)


We, at Western Reserve Playhouse, are currently shifting our energy to long-term sustainability.  Like many nonprofits across the country and within the State of Ohio, we have made heartbreaking decisions to drastically cut back our staff hours. We have been busy applying for assistance grants and loans that are designed to support “the barn” and help keep operating expenses covered.


Although we do not know when our next show or activity will resume, we can promise that we are working diligently to safely reopen your beloved theater as soon as possible.


  • Following the advice of the Ohio Arts Council and several other arts organizations, we are currently budgeting for a 10 week closure. We are praying to be back sooner, but we must heed the guidance of those in charge of the State of Ohio.
  • WRP’s  productions of “Violet” and “My Favorite Year”  have been cancelled. 
  • Our Winter Final Class Projects have been postponed until we reopen. 
  • “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” is currently postponed and we are working with the rights company on new date possibilities. In the event of a cancellation, ticket holders are asked to donate their tickets back if they are able or will be given a non-expiring gift certificate equal to the cost of their ticket.
  • We are working on date adjustments to our remaining 2020 Season as well as additional events we can add once we are opened. 
  • We have postponed our next CaBARet Series performance. We can’t wait to bring that to our stage once we re-open. 
  • We have cancelled our $5 Bucks Series, “The Thanksgiving Play”. Ticket holders are asked to donate their tickets back if they are able or will be given a non-expiring gift certificate equal to the cost of their ticket.
  • Our $5 Bucks Series – “Hand To God” has been postponed.
  • There are no changes to our Youth Summer Camps at this time. 
  • Our Artistic staff is now donating their time to keep WRP alive until grants and loans have been received.


No doubt, these are tough times for all. Parents and guardians have become educators, their jobs may be on hold or lost all together. Stress, worry and fear are emotions felt on a day to day basis. We want you to know we understand, we care and we are here for you in whatever way we can help.

To our senior patrons and health compromised patrons, let us know if we can help! Do you need a call from Dawn? A song? A letter or card from one of our students? We can help! Just ask!  

We have been asked to come together to fight a war with an enemy that we cannot see, and we are proud, so very proud, of all that everyone is doing.  We are working on building a small little library that we can fill with scripts and food to help feed your tummy and soul. Be on the lookout for that.

Last, WRP has launched a new virtual online source of arts entertainment and education, it is called  WRPConnect –  a nice break from everyday life for you and the children in your home.  Our Administration Assistant, Hannah Hilty has come up with this “give back” idea and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring it to you all! It can be found on the:

Website – 

Facebook Page –

Our YouTube channel-


There you will find songs, classes, story-time, monologues and tips. It is a small way we can help! We hope you love it!

We miss you, I miss you more than you know. We cannot wait to see you, and most importantly bring you the best live theater ever. Now, more than ever before, we consider ourselves “the little barn that could.” 

If you are wondering how to help WRP, we offer gift cards, we accept donations and you can sponsor a show, so when we finally open we can hit the ground running. Reach Dawn or Hannah at 330-620-7314 or go to our website at

We need your love, support, understanding and help more than ever. 


With love and appreciation, 


Dawn Sniadak-Yamokoksi 

Executive Artistic Director 

The Western Reserve Playhouse


Enjoy a song from our Executive Artistic Director:

To all those performers we will be back…… my voice isn’t quite there yet….. but, I need sing… sorry for any mistakes….Edit: I choked up with the line …. “whispered conversations…. in over crowed hallways” made me think of our Hudson teacher, WRP teacher and all of those who teach who might miss your kiddos…..#WeAreWRP #WeAreWRPConnect

Posted by Dawn Yamokoski on Friday, April 3, 2020