By: Edmond Rostand

Adapted and Directed by: August Scarpelli



Audition Dates: 

Thursday December 8th from 630pm -10pm

Saturday December 10th from 2pm -6pm


Callbacks: By appointment, Sunday December 11th from approx. 11am -4pm


Performances: 02/03/23- 02/18/23


Rehearsals will begin ASAP based upon cast availability


What to prepare: 


Please prepare a short speech in verse. Not exceeding 2 minutes. Whether it be Shakespearean, another classical dramatis, or a Bukowski poem, all verse is welcome. You may be asked to read sides from the script. Please bring all known conflicts to auditions.


We recognize that auditions are rapidly approaching this publication. If you do not feel like you have adequate time to prepare a verse speech on your own please contact the director by email at august@thewrp.org. with a headshot and resume to receive a side to prepare.


You may sign up here   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4FACAA28A7F8C61-cyrano

for a 15-minute audition slot. Please bring a headshot and resume.


No equity contracts available at this time.


These roles are opened to all ethnicities and all gender identification.


Roles available:


Cyrano (Mid 20s+)- A poet, swordsman, scientist, playwright, musician, and member of the Cadets of Gascoyne, a company of guards from Southern France. For all his prodigious talents, Cyrano is “unattractive”, cursed with a ridiculously long nose that makes him insecure and keeps him from revealing his love for Roxane.


Roxane (20s+) – A beautiful and intellectual heiress. She has a soft spot for romance and a love for poetry and wit.


Christian (20s+) – A handsome but simple young nobleman who lacks wit and intelligence. New to Paris and to the cadets, he falls in love with Roxane and joins Cyrano’s company of cadets early in the play. His good looks are matched only by Roxane’s.


Ragueneau (30s+) – Cyrano’s friend, a pastry chef with a deep love for poetry. Ragueneau gives away pastries in return for poems, and, therefore, innumerable poets visit him frequently. He reflects the theme that poetry is food for the soul, and underlines the division between the physical and spiritual aspects of the world. After his business fails, he becomes Roxane’s porter.


De Guiche (40s+) – A powerful, married nobleman in love with Roxane and not fond of Cyrano. Deceitful and always angry, he attempts several times to have Cyrano killed, once by a hundred men.


Le Bret (20s+) – Cyrano’s friend and closest confidant. He is a fellow soldier and guardsman. Le Bret worries that Cyrano’s principles will ruin his career, but Cyrano ignores Le Bret’s concerns.


Carbon (30s+) – Cyrano’s friend and the captain of his company. He is a strong-willed and successful leader.


Ligniere (20s+) – Christian’s friend, a satirist and drunkard with many powerful enemies. Cyrano protects him from the hundred men hired by de Guiche to ambush him.


Valvert (20s+) – An insolent young nobleman lauded by de Guiche as a possible husband for Roxane, a scheme that would give de Guiche access to Roxane. After he insults Cyrano’s nose, he is defeated in an ensuing duel.


Lise (30s+)- Rageneau’s Wife


Duenna (30s+) – Roxane’s companion and chaperone,who tries to keep Roxane out of trouble. She is a character reminiscent of Juliet’s nurse in Romeo and Juliet.


Montfleury (30s+) – A fat, untalented actor whom Cyrano bans from the stage.

Other :Bellerose, Joudelet, Cuigy, Mother Marguerie, Sister Marthe, Sister Claire,  Cadets, Marquis’, a meddler, a Musketeer, a Spanish Officer, a Cavalier, a Porter, a Citizen, his son, a Cut-Purse, a spectator, Pastry-cooks, Pages, Poets, Musicians, a Sentry, The flower girl, The orange girl, ETC… 


 Most actors (other than those cast as Cyrano, Roxane, Christain, and De Guiche) may be asked to play many roles.


** If you have any questions, or would like to audition but are unavailable at the prescribed times, please do not hesitate to contact the director at august@thewrp.org.


  • Video submissions are also accepted, they are due by Sunday 12/11@ 4pm. Contact the Director, August Scarpelli @ august@thewrp.org ahead of time for instructions.

The Western Reserve Playhouse is pleased to announce auditions for our first special event of 2023.  

“Fat Pig” by Neil LaBute – Staged Reading 

Directed by Dayshawnda Ash



“Cow.” “Slob.” “Pig.” How many insults can you hear before you have to stand up and defend the woman you love? Tom faces just that question when he falls for Helen, a bright, funny, sexy woman who happens to be plus-sized. LaBute’s sharply drawn play boldly questions our own ability to change what we dislike about ourselves.


Auditions: December 15, 2022 @ 6-8PM & December 17, 2022 @ 5-9PM (Callbacks immediately to follow as needed) 


Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e45abac2ca7f8c52-fatpig


Location: The Western Reserve Playhouse

3326 Everett Road 

Bath, Ohio 44286


Rehearsals: THERE ARE ONLY 7 REHEARSALS as this is a staged reading.

Show Date: January 8, 2023 @ 2PM (ONE DAY ONLY) 

There will be a small stipend for this special event. 


These roles are opened to all ethnicities and all gender identification. 


Audition Materials: 

Please prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue (preferred)  and if need be we will have sides available for a cold read.  



Helen: 20’s or 35’s. Librarian. Plus size (curvy) attractive woman who has come to a place of relative peace with her weight. She seeks in others the honesty that she has had to cultivate in herself. 


Tom: 20’s or 35’s. Professional. In every scene. Was disarmed by Helen’s humor, honesty, and directness. Has dated Jeannie. Struggling with the person he wants to be in a world that has informed the person he is. Model type 


Jeannie: 20’s or 40’s. Accountant. Probably judged by society as an attractive woman. Her own assessment may not be so certain. Dated Tom. Prone to bitterness. She is confused why Tom “dumped her”, a confusion that is exacerbated when she discovers Helen. Model Type 


Carter: 20’s or 35’’s. He considers his blunt, cruel language as honest and direct. He says things that make you cringe. Confident and cocky. Carter will come away as one of the most memorable and striking characters in the play, though audiences may find it hard to applaud him at the curtain call. Dad Type 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dayshawnda Ash at dayash91@yahoo.com please put in the subject Fat Pig Auditions