2020 Special Events

Western Reserve Playhouse presents its

2020 Special Events

2020 1st Annual Young Artists Playwright Festival 

October 25, 2020 – 2PM 

WRP believes that every voice, no matter the age, should be heard.  With this new program we will be holding a festival to produce new works written by the youth of today that have been selected from the submissions entered into this contest. Ages 5-18 may submit a one to five page play, with a pre-announced theme, that will be performed by WRP adult company members. But, there is a twist, the kids get to direct these adults in the final selections. This new program is to help educate the performers and writers of tomorrow. 


The Daffodils of Sarajevo

By Jeff Yamokoski 

Directed by Keith Stevens 

Three Nights Only – Date TBD 

In this contemporary comedy, the unlikely pairing of scholarly Marie and the unremarkable Adam seems to work despite their apparent differences. Even if family and friends cannot understand their relationship, these two characters are flawed enough to be imperfectly perfect for each other. As they move through the early stages of their dating life, we see the farcical nature of love and attraction as Marie and Adam try to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their budding relationship.